11 Celebrities Who Double As Interior Designers & Decorators

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Being a multi-talented person is a trait that not many people have, except for some celebrities in this article who shine on the big screen, as well as in the art of interior design. Some of these stars have even launched their own décor lines, house flipping companies and other interior design or wallpaper obsessions, and they talk about their passion openly.

Of course, we all want to be multi talented, but it takes a lot of time, dedication, money and other resources, in addition to talent, to activate in more than one filed. Decorating rooms and arranging or even creating furniture can be easy and fun when you really like what you do, but it doesn’t mean that interior designers won’t face challenges from time to time.

However, what is the difference between interior designers and decorators? Experts say that the answer is education. To be more specific, a decorator is a person who loves to work and play with colors, fabrics and textiles, so they print some business cards and give them to their customers – in other words, they don’t need a specific academic degree to do that. While an interior designer has an accredited education, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

In addition, interior designers have to study and understand people’s behavior in order to create functional spaces within a building and help them meet their needs; while decorators have to beautify a room with various decorative elements and create a certain aesthetic. Obviously, interior designers may decorate, but in general, decorators don’t design.

So, here are some celebrities who double as interior designers and decorators and they are really good at it! Read on for more info!

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