10 Things in Your House That Can Trigger Asthma & How to Prevent It

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Your closets and cabinets

As †I said before, mold thrives in high humidity levels and can even grow on your clothes. But thatís not all! Humidity also attracts dust mites. Experts recommend using a dehumidifier in your room where the moisture is high.

Well, if you experience a serious cough, fatigue, itchy eyes and runny nose, it might be a sign that there is mold in your closet and you have to investigate the problem as soon as possible, if you donít want it to lead to asthma.

But what causes mold in your closets and cabinets? As you already know, it is impossible for mold to grow without moisture. So, a closet or kitchen cabinet can be the perfect place for mold spores, especially if thereís high humidity. Not to mention that many people put their clothes or dishes back in the closet or cabinets when they are not completely dry.

Just like any other allergen, mold can potentially cause serious health problems, so try to get rid of it as soon as possible. This type of allergen can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory problems, so if you feel bad, try to check your closets.

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