10 Things in Your House That Can Trigger Asthma & How to Prevent It

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Your bathroom

Well, it’s no secret that the highest humidity in your home is actually in your bathroom; so the more moisture, water and humidity is in your bathroom, the more likely it is to form mold. As you already know, mold is another common allergen that can lead to asthma.

So, if you have a walk in shower, you have to use a squeegee to remove the water properly after each shower that you take and clean the area appropriately at least once a week. In addition, try to check for leaks under the sink or around the toilet. As I said before, water and moisture can cause mold, which eventually leads to asthma.

If there are leaks in your bathroom, then try to call a professional plumber for help Ė donít fix it by yourself because you can make the problem worse, which can cost you even more money.

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