10 Things in Your House That Can Trigger Asthma & How to Prevent It

Photo by Photo Kit from Shutterstock

Your bookshelves

There are many people who suffer from dust allergies, and your bookshelves can trigger many uncomfortable symptoms, as this is where dust mites love to hide. According to experts, the symptoms can get worse during or after vacuuming, sweeping and dusting your bookshelves and other pieces of furniture.

When you try to remove the dust, you will be more likely to inhale those tiny dust particles, which will trigger your symptoms, as the dust mite allergens are temporarily airborne. Unfortunately, dust allergy can also trigger asthma.

What can you do to avoid this? Well, you should avoid exposure to dust as much as possible. So, when you try to remove it from your bookshelves or other pieces of furniture, try to use a surgical face mask to avoid inhaling these tiny particles of dust.

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