14 Ways To Make Your Kitchen The Best Room In The House

Photo by Breadmaker from shutterstock.com

Our kitchen is among the most important rooms in the house, it’s where the food is!!

But besides that, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious new recipes and coming up with tasty flavors, so we might as well decorate it so that we feel relaxed and comfortable while doing it.

You’ve probably thought to yourself many times that you need to give it a fresh new look, but you don’t know where to start. Well, stress no more because we came up with 14 ideas which will give you the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Put some lightning under the cabinets

It will provide you with some extra light and it will give it a fancy look. You can simply put a strip led light, it’s easy to apply and it’s a subtle accessory. You can buy yours here: LED Strip Lights.

2. Add subway tiles

Subway Tiles give a very nice touch to your kitchen, however the real tiles are pretty expensive and we are not here to drain your wallet so we recommend a nice wallpaper with this design. Check this one out: 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Tile.

3. A rug is always a good idea

Add a stylish, maybe vintage rug for some extra color in your kitchen. Remember to buy a rug pad to prevent it from slipping.

4. A pen for dirty floor tiles

If you have tiles on your floor, we get your frustration every time there’s dirt between them. It takes hours to clean it and maybe with no results and so purchasing this White Tile Paint Marker.

5. Apply some steel wallpaper on the counters

Applying this on your kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, oven and so on will make it look like you just renovated with some fancy and expensive new furniture and appliances.

6. Purchase kitchen organizers

Buy some kitchen organizers to sort your things into categories and have easier access to them. You can acquire the wall hanging ones or the ones specially made for the drawers.

7. Fancy transparent dish soap and hand soap recipient

And add an elegant written label on them.

8. Silicon utensils are better for you cooking and if displayed on the counter will help with the decoration

Buy a set here: Silicone Kitchen.

9. A portable dishwasher will definitely make your kitchen look modern and will help you with the dishes

It is pricey, but it is totally worth the money.

10. Check what plate design is trending right now and start the transition

11. Tea bag holders sounds like a good idea to me

It’s a very good idea to organize your tea assortments. And it will look impressive to your guests.

12. Keep your knives and other metal utensils in sight with a magnetic strip

13. Give up on the plastic one use food containers and buy some large glass ones

We recommend you this set: Glass Food Storage Container

14. Also, buy some glass carafes for your juice and drinks

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