Smart Home Gadgets That Won’t Cost Your House

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We can all agree on the fact that the world has changed and that we live in modern times, where technology rules and the society has made significant developments.

Everything has become accessible to us and we should take advantage of that.

Since we were kids, we were dreaming of the possibility of flying cars, servant robots and so on.

While we are not quite at that level yet, there are other devices and smart technologies which will make our house safer and cleaner and our lives easier. Dive into the list below and simplify your lifestyle.

1. A Security Camera

It connects to your phone, it detects any motion and alerts you in case of any unwanted presence on your property for only $42.99.

2. A Video Doorbell

This device can come in handy every time someone is at the door and you want to check who is it, but without actually getting up from the couch.

Leaving, all jokes aside this can also be a safe form of security and you can check the surroundings of your neighborhood, front yard and so on.

We believe $69.98 are definitely worth it.

3. A Smart Lock

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you forgot if you locked your front door? If the answer is yes then this device is what you need. With a smart lock you can lock your door through your phone.

It also works by passcode and it has the history of who and when accessed it.

4. Security System Package

Besides security cameras, if you want to be safe you should take a look at this security system package. It contains door sensors, motion sensors, an alarm which notifies you someone uninvited is in your home.

It’s quiet effective and the money is definitely worth it.

5. Smart Bulbs

You can control these with your phone, you can schedule them at certain times and they synchronize with the rhythm music. You can also voice control them which is another plus.

6. Smart Thermostat

This one is a real impressive tool for your home. Besides the fact that it turns itself down when you leave the house in order to save energy, it’s easy to install and you can control it from your phone from just about anywhere.

7. A Pet Camera, A Baby Monitor And A Lightbulb

This is designed as a lightbulb and has a camera in it. You can check on your pets when they’re left alone or monitor your baby through the night or with the babysitter to make sure that they’re okay.

It has also a panoramic and night vision.

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