10 Items That Make Your Bathroom Chic

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We know how much you love decorating your house and we’ll admit it: we do too. It’s a very satisfying feeling and at the end of the day when we see the outcome we are truly happy about it.

But sometimes some rooms in the house are neglected. Take the bathroom for example. You’re probably thinking: ”Okay, but how can I make my bathroom a stylish place and is it worth it?”.

Yes, you can definitely make that possible and it’s 100% worth it. Why?

Well, try and put it like this: Even if you spend a few minutes a day in a certain room, those minutes are vital and you need to have a good energy and feel comfortable in every corner of your cozy home.

These items will be exactly what you’re bathroom needs to make it feel like you live in one of those houses that you see on the Internet.

1. A little nature never hurt anybody

Add some beautiful flowers like an orchid or some small/medium sized plants like: Aloe Vera, Snake Plant or Gardenia.

Buy a nice monochromatic ceramic pot to place the plant in it like this one: Cylinder Pot .

It will be a nice addition to your bathroom.

It’s even better if your room is filled with natural light.

2. An Ottoman chair or a small table would look nice and can be helpful too

If your bathroom is spacious enough consider buying an Ottoman chair or a nice matching table.

You can place some things on them like towels, small baskets filed with creams and masks and so on.

Plus, it gives a very extravagant and fancy look to the whole room.

3. Monochromatic neutral curtain for your bathtub

Nowadays, neutral colors are a thing and every designer is advising us to buy furniture or decorative items like this.

Personally, we think monochromatic neutral curtains would look nice and would mix well with the rest of the bathroom’s palette of colors.

This Basics Shower Curtain would fit the best.

4. Add some shelves on the wall

Install two or three small shelves and then place small plants, baskets or some small perfume on them. It is both good for your space and looks nice.

5. Use a transparent, glass recipient for hand soap

The plastic ones look ugly and it’s not good for the environment to use them.

Get yours here: Soap Dispenser.

6. Place your towels into wicker baskets

Roll your towels and place them in the basket, put the basket under the sink out of sight.

7. Buy a set of transparent jars for cotton discs, cotton swabs, toothbrush and soap

The fact that these are a matching set will give off a very satisfying and pleasant look.

8. Purchase a ladder for the towels you’re currently using¬†

Make sure the colors and material of the ladder are matching with the rest of your bathroom. Bonus: your towels will dry faster!

Maybe this one will suit the room: Decorative Bath Towel.

9. Add some wall art

It’s a nice decorative touch to put some simple framed posters in your bathroom like a: palm tree, the beach and the ocean, a sunset and so on.

10. What about a nice colorful rug?

A rug is always a good idea and a colorful touch to any room, really.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be only a decorative item. You can go with thick, fluffy rugs as well such as this one: Bathroom Rug.

Tell us down below in the comments what you think of these ideas and feel free to add yours too.

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