10 Worst Decorating Mistakes You Could Possibly Make

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Picture this: you just bought a wonderful new house, but it’s completely empty and it’s waiting for you to unleash the captured designer inside of you. But by the end of it, you’re scratching your head, wondering why the decor in your house makes you feel slightly underwhelmed.

If you finished your artistic session and realized it didn’t go all that well, don’t worry!: Not like we figured it might happen or something, but we have prepared some easy hacks for you. Not only will you see some resounding wins, but you will also improve your knowledge in interior design.

  • First, those dark walls – It’s true, indigo, gunmetal greys and midnight blacks are very popular trends when it comes to painting your walls. If they have a hold on you, and you feel inspired by their elegance and drama, but they’re making your rooms feel like real-life dungeons, there’s something you can do. Good lightning will reveal some tonal complexities in the deep darks, and multiple light sources will give you control of the ambiance and light direction. Plus, remember that an over-furnished room will look like a cave, while one that’s simply styled will look better.
  • Your shelves are bursting at the seams – By putting every ornament you own on the shelf, you’ll only create a distracting view of nondescript items. You’ll need to do some serious sorting. As Marie Kondo recommends, you need to honor the items, and then let them go. Adopt the motto: “Beautiful, interesting, or out.” Empty your shelves and let them breathe, leaving only objects that are highlighting each other. Once you’ve thrown out the unnecessary, let those items shine and be beautiful. And avoid using highly patterned or textured backgrounds, because they can confuse the eye.
  • The sofa you bought is beautiful but impractical – You were so excited about that white sofa, that you forgot how a cat, a dog, two toddlers, sticky fingers, and raspberry juice can interfere with that. Now, the only thing you can do is have the fabric professionally cleaned and treated. But remember: modern formulas penetrate fibers and enable most liquid to be removed. DIY aerosol sprays are only a temporary solution and only coat the surface.
  • Your vignettes resemble bargain tables – Vignettes can be a lovely way to give personality to your living room, but it can go wrong if you don’t create the perfect combination with any piece of furniture. To be sure you’re doing a good job, just start from the vignette and build your surroundings from it. Asymmetry can avoid stiffness and a formal look. Connect with a theme, color, or mood.
  • Your living room doesn’t feel friendly – You don’t want your living room to resemble the Oval Office, you should feel cozy and warm. The problem always starts with how the furniture is positioned. Also, seating should be arranged to encourage social interaction. When you’re deciding on where to put sofas and armchairs, imagine how the people will communicate with one another.
  •  Hanging art – Whether we’re talking about canvas or framed prints, interesting photographs or a priceless original, its impact can be diminished if it’s not displayed correctly. Sometimes, asking a professional is the best thing to do. You can hang it too high, or you can hide it by placing furniture nearby that takes the focus out of your art.
  • Practical but not so cozy kitchen – Kitchens are in the spotlight more than ever and if you opt for too much white, you might be getting the wrong outcome. If when you decorated your kitchen, you were very excited about an all-white appearance, you can still save it from its clinical coldness. Now, kitchenware has moved beyond functional, to become a decorating item. You can find multiple options, in a variety of colors and styles, that will lighten up the atmosphere in your kitchen.
  • “Focal points” are all over the place – If you walk into a place, and everything catches your eye, then it’s just a bad design. If you don’t focus only on one primary place, the room will lack life, balance and harmony. A focal point can be an architectural feature, a view, a piece of art, a fireplace, a mirror, or a stunning rug. It’s best if you start from your focus piece and continue decorating from that point on.
  • Let’s have a look at that pillow habit of yours – If you’re a pillow addict who doesn’t know when to stop, we can help you. Although you might have thought differently, pillows heaped high on sofas or beds don’t necessarily add much to a room. If you have to put your pillows on the floor to sit on the sofa or in your bed, then they kind of lost their purpose. If you want to get it right, just add a maximum of 2 pillows at each end of a sofa, or on your bed.
  • You haven’t changed anything in years – You should shake things up and reignite your passion for decorating. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have the results you were hoping for. You can always undo or change it for the better.

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