10 Genius Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

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6. A grocery bag dispenser on the wall

It’s an easy grab and go. It goes quicker than searching through the thousands of bags you stashed in a drawer.

7. Drying rack placed over the sink

Now your countertop won’t be covered in water anymore and it will spare you from drying them with a towel.

8. Place your spices and herbs in small jars

Purchase some small transparent jars and some labels and you’re all set. You can also buy a spice rack just for these so you’ll have special corner just for them.

9. A sliding trash bin

If you have your bin place under the sink you can purchase a sliding mechanism and so you won’t have to try so hard and bend to take out the garbage bag.

When you open the door you just pull it and that’s it!

10. Hanging fruit baskets

A hanging fruit basket can have your fruits right in front of you, organized and fresh. This can also be a helpful and noticeable reminder to eat your vitamins and a very nice decorative aspect!

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