12 Kitchen Hacks To Make Cooking Easier

Photo by Pixel-Shot from shutterstock.com

1. Want some pancakes? Use a plastic bag to make them

Pancakes are delicious, however the mess they leave behind after you make them, can be pretty overwhelming.

But we have a better solution, get a plastic bag, mix all of the ingredients in there, cut one of the bottom corners and then squeeze some mix into the pan. Voila!

2. Add marshmallows, bread or apple slices in the brown sugar container to prevent it from getting solid

From time to time your brown sugar hardens and it makes it impossible for you to add some in your morning coffee or in your delicious desserts.

Place the sugar in a plastic container then add some marshmallows or a slice of bread or apple. That way it will be soft like the sand.

3. When you boil water leave the lid on

It’s the classic problem, you are in a hurry and you need the water to boil faster, leave the lid on and your wish will come true. You can also use a kettle to make it even more faster.

In addition, leaving the lid on will prevent any of it coming out on your stove and making a complete mess.

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