12 Kitchen Hacks To Make Cooking Easier

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4. Use an onion to clean your grill

Scrubbing the grill is always the worst part after having a great barbeque. But instead of using a brush you can also cut an onion in half, use the flat side and slide over the grill.

Make sure it’s also hot so the remedy can properly do its wonders.

5. Got some stale bread? Use water and heat to make it all soft again

So you left some bread out or you didn’t cover it properly and now it’s all stale.

Well, you don’t have to throw it away you can just place it under some running water and then put it in the oven for 7 minutes at high temperatures (make sure you check it every now and then we don’t want ashes).

6. Prevent the other half of your avocado from aging by placing it in a paper bag

Everyone had to deal with this issues at least once. Cover the other half in a paper bag or in aluminum foil and you will have a perfect avocado for the next meal as well.

7. Need to cut cakes? Easy, use dental floss

Instead of using a knife and having to wash it after, use some dental floss and it will work like the sharpest knife in your house.

8. Is your wine too warm? Use some frozen fruits

When the bottle of wine is too warm and you want to cool it down a little, use some frozen fruits. Put some wine in your glass and place a few berries, it will both chill the beverage and give it some extra flavors.

9. Prevent the fish from sticking to the grill by using citrus

Every cook’s nightmare, sticky food. Cut some slices of citrus fruits, place them first and then the fish. It will also provide with a nice flavor.

10. Use the microwave for the scrambled eggs

Making eggs always leaves a mess, so why don’t you break them in a mug, add some milk or water and then stir them. Every 30 seconds take them out and stir some more for a total of one minute and a half.

11. Do the same with cupcakes

Add beforehand some non stick spray and leave it for just 1 minute!

12. If you need peeled ginger, use a spoon

Use the spoon just like you normally use a special tool for pealing.

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