From Bathroom To Oasis: 14 Tips To Redecorate

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After a long day all you want to do is grab a tasty meal and take a refreshing shower, and you know what? You deserve it.

However, you may not always find relaxation in the second part, mostly because you feel like your bathroom needs some redecorating.

You know these nice interior design magazines and how stylish the rooms are, we all wish we had the same style in our house.

Well, we thought of some tips to make your bathroom look like an amazing oasis so that you never want to leave it again!

1. Buy monochrome towels

Nowadays, minimalism and neutral colors rule and so it’s for the best to keep your towels in one color, but as fluffy as they can be!

2. Add more green

If the space allows it, buy more plants that are not sensitive to humidity and are not dependent to light. Buy whatever you feel like it suits your bathroom and place them in a nice pot.

3. A thin rug that matches the whole room

A rug is always a nice touch and it keeps you from slipping after getting out of the shower/bathtub.

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