From Bathroom To Oasis: 14 Tips To Redecorate

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4. Paint the room

We know this can be quite demanding and time consuming, but by the end it will look AMAZING.

Pick something simple, nothing too bright or complicated and try to stay away from the pastels.

5. Buy a scent diffuser or perfumed sticks

A nice scent can give an entire room a different atmosphere and make it feel more pleasant, don’t choose something too strong cause it can make you feel the exact opposite of what you intended.

6. Avoid clutter

We may not realize it from the start but mess can sometimes influence your whole mood. So throw away those things that you ”Will use it at some point” and put under categories the remaining thing.

7. Better lighting

Another aspect that can have a great influence on us is the lighting in our room so we better choose a soft lighting , nothing too bright or gloomy.

8. Changing the showerhead

You what most people find absolutely relaxing and refreshing? A nice shower with high pressure which gives the feeling of a luxurious massage. Or consider a rain shower, the sounds of rain are always a comforting aspect.

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