From Bathroom To Oasis: 14 Tips To Redecorate


9. Choose glass transparent door and walls for your shower cabinet

It gives a very modern and spa like look and you maybe you should consider investing in those.

10. If you have a tub, buy a tub caddy

Adding a caddy will give a nice, modern look to your bathroom and it can be pretty useful as well to keep some items on it. You can fill it with a small pot of flowers, soap or other stuff.

11. A new shower curtain is a must

Shower curtains get old and moldy in time and their color fades in time as well. Which is why you should get a new one or get rid of the whole concept!

12. Add some nice accessories

Adding some subtle and fashionable accessories is definitely a good touch for your bathroom. Consider purchasing stuff like: vanilla candles, scrubs, essential oils (that also provide with a nice scent in the room), soaps and lotions.

13. Add some storage to the room

How you may ask? Well, you can purchase some small baskets and place everything that fits in some. You can even buy two or three more and place bathroom under categories, it’s highly productive.

14. Buy a small wooden stool or a nice ottoman chair

You can place several lotions, towels, shower gels and whatever small accessories fit on it. Make sure that it just fits the style of the bathroom or else you may risk a whole mess.

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