14 Items UNDER $100 That Make Your House Look Chic

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From time to time we feel the need to make some new adjustments or purchase new objects to give our home a fresh new look.

The truth is trends always come and go and we try to constantly keep up by making changes or upgrades, but sometimes we break the piggy bank in order to fulfill this constant materialistic need.

However, we have some ever lasting trends which designers and specialists swear by that can be yours and believe it or not, are UNDER $100!!

1. A spice rack

A spice rack shows organization and organization is good for your house, it’s a sign of minimalism and good taste, unlike leaving a mess everywhere and things on sight.

2. A matt black serving bowl with utensils

This item has a more interesting design than the basic bowls, it has nice aesthetics. This item shows your kitchen is a modern room and decorated with taste.

3. A set of pillows

Having different sizes and shapes of pillows on your bed isn’t just about interior decorating it’s about comfort as well.

4. A small glass table

It’s a chic addition, it’s subtle, doesn’t take up too much space and it’s pretty helpful as well.

5. A cookbook holder

It’s a very useful item in case you do have cookbooks and follow the recipes from there accordingly. If you don’t usually do this though, putting a nice recipe book in there will look very fancy and classy.

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