14 Items UNDER $100 That Make Your House Look Chic

Photo courtesy of Amazon

6. Cookie and candy jars

But be careful though once you bought one and filled it your guests will never stop eating them.

7. Patio bulb lights

They will provide you with some extra light whenever you spend your late night on the patio and they are a very nice decorative touch.

8. A fire pit

Ever missed those late night during camp where you would sit with your friends by the fire and eat s’mores, tell stories and warm up?

Well, now is you chance to relive those days with your friends and loved ones by purchasing this fire pit for your backyard.

And yes, it’s below $100!

9. A bar car

If you always dreamed of having a bar in your home or you wished to have your drinks right next to you when you’re watching your favorite show then this amazing bar car is the right addition for you and your house’s interior design!

You can place it anywhere you want to: your kitchen, your dinning room, even your living room will look nicer with this one.

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