14 Items UNDER $100 That Make Your House Look Chic

Photo courtesy of Amazon

10. A nesting table

Lately these have been very popular in every home in the U.S. And the best part is that you are actually getting two tables at the price of one!

11. A Moroccan rug

Its interesting patterns and colors are a very good addition in well just everyone’s home!

12. An armless chair

Besides the fact that they are trending right now and are everyone’s favorites, they are pretty comfortable as well.

13. A golden framed mirror

These look fantastic on dark colored walls. You can place them in your bathroom, in the living room, or in the hallway right at the entrance.

14. Lots but LOTS of plants

More green in the house is an amazing decorative idea, taking care of them is also a good and productive hobby.

There’s so many of them and you can choose either herbs, either big plants to fill the space in a room or nice medium flowers that can brighten up your day and add to the color the room.

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