10 Old Fashion Home Trends That Need A Comeback

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4. Beverage Trolleys

Having a cart full of nice drinks, fancy glasses and other stuff was a popular trend since the 1920s and even though it stopped in the ’80s, having one is definitely a chic statement and it’s  definitely worth having one.

5. Cookie jars

We’re just gonna say it: They look good and they make us wanna eat the whole thing! They are worth it and for those who like their food organized, it’s the best item!

6. Holder for paper towels

Having one on your kitchen walls or below the cabinets is a good decorative item and it’s a very beneficial move.

Imagine needing one to dry your hands and it’s right there when you need and it’s very accessible.

7. Teapots

A vintage accessory which is very fashionable and useful to you. It feels better and more authentic to make and serve tea in one of those.

8. Caddies for your bathtub

Bathtub caddies have actually been pretty popular again for a few years now. They look amazing in the bathroom and they are very useful for you, holding shampoo, a sponge or a candle.

9. Serving windows

These used to be a pretty popular thing, having a small window that connected the living room with the kitchen. Allowing for you to quickly grab a bite without having to set the whole table.

10. Wicker baskets

These are a good idea for storing vegetables or fruits in your home or placing them somewhere nice in the kitchen. It will complete the look of your kitchen or living room by having a cottage core inspired item.

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