9 Tips Against Unwanted House Odors

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5. The mattress gets stinky too

In bed lots of things happen, and so it’s normal that the mattress would start to smell after some time. So the answer to that would be to sprinkle some baking soda, leave it in there and then vacuum it.

You can also use some specially made spray.

6. Now, about the toilet…

First of all, don’t wait until they get really dirty, scrap them with a toilet bowl cleaner before. It takes a lot of energy and resources to make it look pristine after the damage is already done.

Use a proper cleaning gel and then add some bleach into the water, the smell is going to be very powerful so you better purchase some toilet refreshing spray.

7. Cutting boards can be smelly as well

We all wash our cutting boards (I mean we hope so), however that doesn’t stop the smell of onion and garlic to get in and make it smell for days and eventually make your next food destined for chopping smell as bad.

So if you own a plastic board, put in the dishwasher, and let it do wonders, but if you have a wood one, cut a lemon in half, dip it in salt and scrub that board.

8. The carpets can be a pain to clean, we know that, however…

It doesn’t have to be, just do what we mentioned earlier with the mattress and everything will be fine.

9. And finally (although you were afraid of this one) your pet beds

Just like you did for carpets, proceed and do the same with your pets’ bed.

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