These Are the British Royal Family’s Favorite Flowers

The Queen When Queen Elizabeth II returns to Buckingham Palace after spending the weekend at Windsor Castle, there’s always a posy of flowers on her desk to welcome her back. The Queen’s favorite flower is the primrose, an early spring flower that’s yellow like the sun—a reminder that summer is on its way!

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10 of the Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard Like a Pro

There are few things better than spending an afternoon relaxing in your backyard, listening to the sweet serenade of chirping birds and enjoying the scent of freshly-bloomed flowers. However, according to Yale-led research published in The Nature of Americans National Report, while spending time in nature is essential for our overall health and wellbeing, AmericansContinue reading 10 of the Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard Like a Pro

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These Are the Plants That Hummingbirds Love the Most

If you love hummingbirds, but you don’t see them in your garden, it is probably because your plants don’t fit to these birds’ taste. So, we have for you a list with all the plants that you could grow in your garden to attract more hummingbirds!

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These Plants Are Good for Shady Areas

No Sun? No Problem! No, not every plant wants all sunshine, all the time. Many lovely, low-maintenance options exist for those miscellaneous low-light parts of your landscape. Click through to see some sensational shade plant species that thrive without much light

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