20 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Homeowners looking to sell soon or sometime down the road often invest in home renovations to boost their home’s value for a resale. Some home improvements, however, can actually hurt your home’s value. Sometimes, these home renovations are done particularly with a resale in mind. Other times, they’re simply done to suit a homeowner’s personalContinue reading 20 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

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10 Simple Home Renovations That Make a Big Impact

You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your home a facelift that will add value and give it a fresh new look. These simple projects for the kitchen, bedroom, bath, and living areas can be completed in a weekend, and none of them require calling in professionals.

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Furniture Transformations That Will Surprise You

When it comes to furniture DIYs, most ideas are simply surface level. But these pieces didn’t just get painted or stained – they got entirely new second lives. Trust us when we say you’re about to be inspired to turn your piano into a bar and old tub into a couch.

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10 Amazing Home Modifications Any Senior Can Make

Making home improvements can increase senior safety and comfort. Fortunately, many modifications can be made inexpensively. You can perform several affordable improvements yourself or hire a contractor to make simple changes. As a result, seniors will be better equipped for aging in place.

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Find Out How You Can Restore Old Wooden Furniture

You will need… Work gloves Dust mask Paintbrushes Proprietary chemical stripper and stripping tool Wax and polish remover and fine steel wool (0000 gauge) Fine glasspaper and sanding block Wood dye Finishing oil Wax polish Tack cloth and lint-free cloth

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